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Logo Design Principles : Telling Your Story

Logo Design Principles : Telling Your Story
April 26, 2019 Padraig Holmes

What makes a good logo design? I think the short answer is to tell the story of what your business or product does, in the most concise way possible. There are many other things to consider however – where will it be used? What will the user be doing when they see it? And how does it compare to the logos used by your competitors? Let’s take a look at some examples of logo design which have stood the test of time.

Cisco Systems

A personal favourite, the Cisco logo succeeds in delivering what you might call a visual pun – representing 2 things at once, which both relate to the product. The logo represents both the Golden Gate Bridge (and thus San Francisco) as well as the dancing pulse of a digital system, the core of Cisco’s offering.

Cisco Logo Usage. Again keeping in mind the environment where the mark will be used, this very simple logo works well when applied on this low-res LCD screen.


Cisco Logo Usage. Keeping in mind the environment where the mark will be used, this very simple logo design works well when applied on this low-res LCD screen of a Cisco desk phone.

Good Logo Design


Extremely simple, the Adidas logo design – 3 stripes on the side of your shoe – is intended to be representative of a mountain, and hence a metaphor for the challenges athletes face on their way to succeed and reach the pinnacle of fitness. Again, it manages to tell the story of what the company is about.

Adidas Logo Design - A Good Example of Logo usage environment. The logo is recognisable at small sizes and from distance.

Here we can see that the logo mark is still recognisable from a distance, as it forms a distinctive and simple triangular shape.

Adidas Logo Design

Here’s how we applied these principles to our recent project for Neighbourhood Espresso in Carlow.

Neighbourhood Espresso is an artisanal cafe located in Carlow Town, where all beans are roasted on the premises to deliver a distinct coffee experience across a range of flavours.


Prior to the project’s commencement, the premises had no exterior signage, identity, or even a name. With their offering, the proprietors wished to present an experience with a community feel, where they actively promote local mental health initiatives. This inspired the playful nature of the logo – 2 people grouped together in the mug, symbolically brought together by coffee.

We wanted to make the branding stand out as much as possible, as the shop is located on a main street with vehicular traffic, neighboured by chain stores and eateries.

This informed the bright yellow, which is centred in the branding and balanced with black and white across the company’s bean packaging and menus. Carlow has an abundance of coffee chains and it was imperative that Neighbourhood be presented as distinctly to these as possible.

More examples of our logo design work can be seen here.


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